Zen Story on Healing. Why is healing most important?

* Zen Story on Healing

Zen Story on Healing - A prospective martial art students come to see a great Sifu. He tells the Sifu he wishes to learn martial arts from him.

The Sifu ask the student "why? Do you want to be a tough guy?" The students answers "yes I want to be able to hurt people." Sifu replies "hurting people is easy, first you have to learn to heal them."

Why is the Western Culture so obsessed with violence?

Because as a culture we have allowed violence to be normalized. And in fact it is often times considered to be humorous. The reason is the never ended apathy of the population and their misguided desire to consume all they see.

I am very much in favor of a FREE market, and I am 100 percent against socialism. That has proven beyond any doubt to be nothing more than an excuse for control and ultimately genocide. And it happens every time.

Zen Story on Healing - Why did you begin training?

So, why did you begin your martial art training? Today because of, in my opinion, the disease of MMA it is largely to become a touch guy.  MMA is not a martial art, it is a fight club mentality with zero values.  It has serious damaged the reputation and public opinion of the arts.

And I know many people in this world who now regret the decision to get involved as they live with chronic daily pain, that was unnecessary, except to fill there narcissistic need to be a touch guy.

What about me?

As a teenager I loved to fight. I boxed, I wrestled and I view martial arts as a way to continue.  But I had a child, and I knew my days of "touch guy" were past me. I had to be responsible. But it took until Black Belt until I realized that perhaps healing was more important than fighting. And the Zen Story on healing was something I first heard around 1987. 

But it really made me think!

Zen Story On Healing

* Zen Story on Healing

Today I know how important healing is.  And understand this is NOT just physical healing, but mental as well. Why? Because of the 100 percent LIE of the last 2 years, the dystopian restrictions placed on people lives purely for a power grab for money, and control.  People now are seriously suffering.

And there is ZERO evidence this was real. Most of all someone afraid for their job or life lying on behalf of this does not make it real. And this comes for ten of thousands of doctors whistle blowing about the truth. 

Zen Story on Healing

So much damage has been done. People are actually so damaged they believe without any evidence that the humane race is diseased and pestilent. And I can prove all I say but I will NOT. I do not believe in silver spooning in a day and age where apathy and laziness has destroyed a culture. Research it yourself, but not from those who have lied to you all your life. One lie from ANY authority or a public person of influence discredits EVERYTHING THEY CAN EVER SAY AGAIN. Like everyone at BBC. 

And I do believe martial art training is a way BACK for the world. Provided it is values based, not violence, posturing, lying and virtue signally based like I see so often. 

Zen Story on Healing - White Belt Forever

White Belt Forever

I will be a white belt forever! I love to learn and discover new things. So what does white belt have to do with the Zen story on healing? The purpose for what the master said was to remove the EGO from the prospective student, make him teachable if he wised to learn. Another example is teaching a coward to be a good coward before he learns to fight.

I have taught thousands of people over the years. But there have been few real students. Eventually they begin to think they know it all. But that is culturally based also.

Zen Story on Healing

What do I mean? Tell me, what do we do with the elderly in the failed western culture? Do we sit and talk with them, to learn from their vast experience? Do we take care of them? No, we lock them away is a home so that we can work, have a "career", buy a bigger house, a faster car, and die younger and younger of stress as we eat ourselves into oblivion.

Am I wrong?

I took care of my mother into her late 90's so she could pass away at home, without the unnecessary aid of a medical system based on profit not health. What does with have to do with being a student? The focus! Martial Arts training creates better people because of values. And if I work to be a good student of life, be a better person I have more to offer to society. 

Zen Story on Healing in Conclusion

Zen Story on Healing in Conclusion

I realize I sound a little angry, but I am not. Disappointed is a better word.  I have dedicated much of my work to helping people, And that I will never regret. With some it was a giant waste of time. But others really heard the message.

And it cannot be delivered politically correctly. Life sometimes requires a punch in the month. You might agree with me, you might disagree with me. I am not looking for debate or conversation. I am only hoping you will do something people never do today. Contemplate the words.

Did you fall from the path? Get back on it. Become a student again. This does not mean you have to go find a Dojo, but you can train. Train in your driveway. Meditate, work on the self.

Contemplate the Zen story on healing. 

A society based on values thrives. A society based on greed, lying and consumption always fails.

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