WBA Rank Recognition

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**Welcome to WBA Rank Recognition**

Thank you for choosing the
World Budo Alliance to acknowledge and honor your current rank in martial arts. Please note that this is not a rank promotion page, but rather a service for registering and recognizing your existing achievements.

WBA Rank Recognition

**Important Information:**
- Proof of your current rank must be provided for certificate issuance.
- Certificates will only be issued upon verification of the provided rank.

**What You'll Receive:**
Upon registration, you'll receive a prestigious digital certificate acknowledging your current rank in the martial arts you are proficient in.

**Cost of Service:**
There is a nominal fee of $25 US for this recognition service. Please note that payment is mandatory for certificate issuance. Your contribution aids in covering the expenses associated with the operation of the World Budo Alliance.

**How It Works:**
1. Register your current rank.
2. Provide proof of your rank.
3. Complete the $25 payment.
4. Receive your digital certificate.

Thank you for your dedication to martial arts, and we look forward to recognizing your achievements through the World Budo Alliance and our WBA Rank Recognition program! 🥷🏆

Proceeds from this registration directly support the ongoing initiatives and expenses of the World Budo Alliance. Your participation makes a meaningful impact on the martial arts community.

Certificates issued are printable and sent in PDF format. It can take up to 48 hours for certificates to be issued depending on when they are order. So please be patient!

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Thank you for your interest in the World Budo Alliance and our International WBA Rank Recognition program. The mandate of the WBA is to unit and help move the martial arts world forward going back to the teachingss of old and those values it once represented.

Yours in the Arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

International President

* Grand Master Art Mason

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