Preservation of Martial Arts Styles and History

* Preservation of Martial Arts Styles and History

Preservation of Martial Arts Styles and History: Welcome to the World Budo Alliance. This page is dedicated to the Preservation of Martial Arts Styles and History throughout the world. One of the reasons I resurrected the WBA is for my concern in modern times of these very important teachings begin lost to time and history.

The martial arts and its history are truly in danger. I have been a student of the arts for almost 40 years, a teacher for 36, and FULL TIME as a teacher for about 25. I have seen many changes, some good, but most not so good. Rather than being a lifelong journey the arts have become an activity. And the greatest enemy of the arts are the FADS that come and go. 

Also since March 2020 government overreach worldwide has seriously damaged the success of the Dojo.  I hope you can also see the need for this.

The Project

And this project will be done without bias. I have noticed over the years, especially with sites like Wikipedia, that history is broken down to politics and character assassination. That will not be tolerated here, which is why everything needs substantiation. 

Truth in modern times is often unpopular.  If you are a write thick skin is a benefit. 

Over the coming month this page will expand into an index about every martial art root style and its history you can think of. There will also be feature of the different martial arts and how they came into being in different countries across the world. This will be a Wiki style project with not just information by also citations to prove the lineages and claims.

I will be doing this project myself and it will take some time. However I am doing this for my own education, which is to me very important.  Hanshi Bruce Juchnik also has a similar project called the Martial Art Collective Society

Preservation of Martial Arts Styles & History Index

This list will expand over time and include links to articles once completed. Finished means ready to read. However all article are subject to expansion as more information comes to light. 

In conclusion I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this information. 

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason
World Budo Alliance