WBA Style Registration Service

WBA Style Registration Service

Unlock the Full Potential with the WBA Style Registration Service

Have you dedicated years to mastering martial arts, only to find that a single discipline doesn't encompass all the knowledge and skills you seek? You're not alone. Like you, I reached a point in my martial arts journey where my primary discipline, Hapkido, no longer provided the growth I craved. Despite achieving a 3rd Dan Black Belt, the path ahead seemed limited.

In 2000, I embarked on a transformative journey, opening my own dojo and exploring the depths of multiple martial arts disciplines. The World Budo Alliance, under the guidance of Founder Dave DeGrouchie, played a pivotal role in broadening my horizon. This exploration led to the creation of Hon San Mu Sa Hapkido in 2006, a new martial arts system that integrates the essence of various styles, following an enlightening experience at a tournament in 2005.

Today, I'm excited to announce the revival of an invaluable service once offered by the World Budo Alliance—the Style Registration Service. This initiative is designed for martial artists like you, who have ventured beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines and are ready to establish their own unique system.

What WBA Style Registration Service Offers:

  1. Style Registration: Formalize and register your unique martial arts system, gaining official recognition and a place in our Style Directory Page.
  2. Visibility and Networking: Share your style, philosophy, and contact information on our platform, connecting with enthusiasts and potential students worldwide.
  3. Certification of Authenticity: Receive a digital certificate recognizing your style, along with a Black Belt certificate reflecting your status as a founder.

Embrace the opportunity to define your path, share your wisdom, and inspire others. Join us in shaping the future of martial arts. Register your style today and make history.

Do not wait get started now with the WBA Style Registration Service.

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