Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp

Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp

Welcome to the information page for the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp RMATC to be next help in Bucuresți [Bucharest] România in 2025. Unleash Your Potential in the Heart of Romania.

In July 2018, the inaugural RMATC set the stage in Brașov, Romania, gathering a passionate group of martial artists from the USA, Hungary, Spain, and Scotland. Despite its intimate scale, the event marked a monumental success, forging unforgettable memories and martial arts advancements.

Captured moments from these sessions are accessible through our Kyusho Online platform, showcasing the spirit and skill honed during the camp.

This is a must attend! Keep reading to learn more and also learn about the epic city the RMATC is being held in. 

Join Us for an Unparalleled Martial Arts Journey

  • Date: July 19th - 21st, 2025 - FIRM dates!
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania (Venue details to be announced)

Who Should Attend the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp?

The RMATC is a beacon for martial artists of all ranks and styles, aged 18 and above. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a dedicated beginner, this weekend promises a rich tapestry of learning and growth.

Featuring Esteemed Grand Masters and Masters:

  • Grand Master Art Mason - Dive deep into the essence of martial arts philosophy and concepts of Kosho Ryu.
  • Grand Master Scott Mason - Experience the fusion of traditional values and modern combat strategies with Chi.
  • Grand Masters Dale and Anne Louise Gillilan - Embark on a holistic martial arts journey, blending physical prowess with mental resilience.
  • Grand Master Federico Asensio Cabrera - Dim Mak from a vision of Taoism - Theory and practice.
  • Grand Master Muhammad Ali - Mindfulness and Breathing techniques and how it related to Health. Plus Kata Interpretation 
  • Master Philip Welch - Explore innovative approaches to martial arts and healing arts.
  • Hanshi Kara Borshuk - Locks and restrains based on  military and police usage.

What to Expect:
Prepare for an immersive weekend filled with dynamic sessions covering a broad spectrum of martial arts disciplines:

  • The Natural Laws of Kosho Ryu
  • Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Points)
  • Aikido Concepts
  • Dim Mak concepts
  • Healing Arts
  • And many more!


  1. Friday Evening: Kickoff with introductory sessions and meet fellow martial artists.
  2. Saturday: Full day of workshops, practice, and seminars tailored to all levels.
  3. Sunday: Continue the learning journey until 15:00, culminating in a closing ceremony.
  4. Social activities in the evenings.

Coming Soon:

Stay tuned for more information on:

  • Venue specifics
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Registration fees

While you cannot yet book to attend mark this date off on your calendar and get ready! The Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp is going to be a training weekend like you have never had before!

I look forward to meeting and working with you there! And if you want updates on this Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp weekend join the WBA with the form below.


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About Bucuresți Romania

Bucuresți is a beautiful city with so much to do you can spend weeks here. After the Romanian Martial Arts Training Camp - RMATC consider staying and seeing the city. Or take tours of places like Brașov, SIbiu and Constanta at the Black Sea. I can help arrange things for you!

Please visit the World Budo Alliance website often!

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

Vă mulțumesc pentru timpul acordat și o zi minunată! Continua sa inveti!

Al vostru în arte,
Mare Maestru Art Mason

* Grand Master Art Mason
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