Kosho and the Wolf. Why nature cannot be improved.

* Kosho and the Wolf

Kosho and the Wolf. Why nature cannot be improved upon. i love wolves, of that there is no doubt. Living in the mountains I hear them often. However you rarely ever see them.

Today's article called Kosho and the Wolf will talk about something I saw on a video a few years ago. It blew my mind.

And it also got me very interested in seriously pursuing Kosho Shorei Ryu more. 

And the fact that one of my dogs is 3/4 Arctic White Wolf. She behaves very differently from my Siberian Huskies.  And watching them all at play is very educational. They move, do all things without prejudice, without any conscious thought.  What we as martial artists need to strive for.

Wolves Hunt Bison

I was watching wolf videos one afternoon and I came across one of a pack of wolves hunting Bison.  I wish I could find this video again to post it. However the description here will have to do.

The wolf pack had a large group of Bison under siege.  They were circling the group trying to get them to panic and run. When it comes to hunting large animals wolves will attack from the rear. And therefore they hope is to get one to break off from the herd making them easier pray.

* Kosho and the Wolf

In this case a larger Bison broke off and was pursued by the Alpha of the pack. After the Bison ran out of energy he turn towards the wolf in a standoff.

They eyes each other for several minutes. Finally the Bison charge to try to gore the wolf with his horns.

The wolf shot forward at a 45 degree angle or 5 on the Octagon. 

And once past the Bison turned immediately at grabbed the back leg with his teeth severing the large artery in the back leg.  It was amazing to watch him move.

He then let go and followed the Bison until he died from blood loss. 

As this point the alpha wolf called his pack for dinner. It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. Looking at the Octagon image above the Bison was at 1 on the Octagon, the Wolf in the center. He moved to the 5,  past the charging Bison, turned on the angle and finished the hunt.  The Wolf even used the 12-6-3 theory correctly, without thought. 

Kosho and the Wolf - A Lesson

Martial artists should take this example as a great lesson to them. The wolf hunts and defeats larger pray, and often times does so alone. And this is because wolves have no ego and simply follow natural laws.  

Most of all these laws are something man can follow also. But rather than do this, learn this,  most martial arts rely on their conditioning, strength, speed and ego to get them through.

Kosho and the Wolf

Ego is false, and conditioning is an illusion. Strength and speed cannot be maintained a lifetime. And the reason it is an illusion, is that it is not possible as we age, to train at the same levels we once did.  

When one realizes that a thug on the street is looking for an easy target and not someone formidable, embraces the 3 Friends of Winter and begins to train in Natural Laws martial arts become ageless. 

And with wisdom, like the wolf, we remain learning with the White Belt or beginners mind.  Natural Laws are natural laws, Kosho and the Wolf is an example. 

Kosho and the Wolf in Conclusion

Kosho and the Wolf in Conclusion

Kosho and the Wolf: If the Natural Laws interests you then you can get a free video below that will get you started.

I love the martial arts and I love to learn! 

Each day I dedicate to learning a new concept or aspect of what I do.

I hope you have this mind too. When we stop learning is the day we begin to die. I am the wolf, be the wolf. I hope you enjoyed Kosho and the Wolf.


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