Death of the Dojo. What is the Future of Martial Arts?

* Death of the Dojo

Death of the Dojo. What is the Future of Martial Arts? We live in a time of unprecedented, in all of history, corruption of not just government, but all aspects of education, medicine, law, and business.

I believe that we have arrived at a time of the death of the Dojo. Not the end of teaching, but rather the commercial martial art school. So, let me explain. 

First we MUST take a look at the education system, or lack thereof in the Western Culture. It has become totally USELESS. But it has been this way for a very long time.

Death of the Dojo

Today if I had school age children they would NOT BE ALLOWED in the corrupt and WOKE school system seen today. They are taught perversion, by perverts. And you can call me bigot a thousand times over and it does not matter. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Their names mean less than nothing to me!

And a large number of parents think this way also. But there are problems with this. Because the martial art industry also has a large number of very dark instructors committing many crimes against the student. And I have been seeing this growing for decades. 

Do you believe the parents who no longer trust the education system will trust you? Dream on! I would not today put my children in ANY activity I was not directly involved in myself.

Death of the Dojo

It is going to be time to PROVE your worth to the community you practice within. For one, right now, by standing up against this corruption. It is time to choose sides. And this has nothing to do with politics. Politics is a lie anyways. This is right vs wrong, good vs evil. Not making a choice is a BIG choice! I want nothing to do with fence sitters. 

Myself, I would NEVER leave my child alone with anyone ever again. When the politician, law makers and educator tell you pedophilia is just a sexual choice then there is NO COMMON GROUND for any discussion. I believe this is a crime against humanity and should be punished BY LAW to the extent of the death penalty. I do not consider these "people" to be no longer human. The same for the martial arts instructors who have committed these crimes.

Death of the Dojo in Conclusion

Death of the Dojo in Conclusion

I believe the teaching of martial arts will return to the old ways. You will seeing smaller Dojo's, family teachings again.

And a balanced approach to teachings without the obsession seen today with sport. Martial arts is a journey of life, not a trophy or a rank.

Everything in balance, extremes are always unhealthy for all aspects of life. Thank you for taking time to read this article. Checkout the Dojo I am building in Romania here. Checkout our History of Martial Arts here.  Thank you for reading this article on the Death of the Dojo. We can change this prediction.

It is time to go back to the old ways, and this includes society in general. 


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