Aging is a Lie. Why people die too young.

* Aging is a Lie

Aging is a LIE. I got a very nice email today in response to one I had sent out. In this I was discussing how martial artists should become better with age, not become lesser.

And I think this gentleman misunderstood my meaning. He had stated that aging, muscle weakening, grey hair, loss of memory were all part of this process. He told me not be afraid. Afraid of what?

Therefore I must disagree. Aging is a Lie!

Why do people tend to die at age 72? Because they believe they are supposed too. That is just one of the endless lies of the failed and thank the Lord dying western culture. Let me tell you some stories, real ones.

Aging is a Lie

When I moved from the city of Brasov into the country the first winter was rather sever. One morning after another snow fall I had to go into the city. Now I no longer drive, and I do not miss it, therefore I had to walk down the mountain a few kilometers to catch a bus into Brasov. I went out on our 30 degree angle down-slope road and began to descend.

Well I was going a little too fast when suddenly my feet came out from under me. Crash! I was on my back! I laid there and laughed for a moment and began to get up. From up the road I heard a voice saying "Stai acolo te voi ajuta!" or "Stay there, I'll help you." I looked up and saw this old lady walking down towards me. Now I am 63, she was about 80. She was at my side in a few seconds. She asked me "Eşti în regulă? "or "are you ok?" I replied "Da, da.

Aging is a Lie

She then pulled me up by my hand like I was a child, not a 200 pound man. She showed me how to walk down the mountain road, in the snow safely. I never had another fall. At the bottom of the hill I thanked her, "Multumesc draga mea doamna." He kissed my cheek and we parted ways.

There was NOTHING old about this dear soul. She knows aging is a lie.

Life is a path

Before I moved to Romania in 2016 I saw a really good documentary on Romania called "Wild Carpathia." At one point the host and another man went up into the mountains to see an old lady who lived alone in exclusion with her animals. She was in her 80's. She had to walk down the mountain several times per day to a stream for her water. The 2 men went and filled up some jugs for trying to be nice. But they did not understand her. She was happy, yet these men pitied her.

I live currently in a compound in this mountain with a few other families. One lady, the mother or grand mother of a family here is also well into her 80's. I have gotten a lot of practice in Romanian as Elena does not "limba engliza."

Her and I would sit out on a bench and talk for hours. She helped me a lot. And she worked in the yard regardless of weather all day long. Plus she loves my dogs.

Aging is a Lie, unless you believe the lie. 

Aging is a Lie in Conclusion

Aging is a Lie. Why people die too young. in Conclusion

Aging is a Lie: It is sad that so many people I know in the west, and I am not close to many anymore, believe the media lies of fragile health and aging.

And this has become WHO THEY ARE. How they identify.

Myself I am trying to promote learning, continued education in the martial arts so that this LIE can die. When I ask someone here "Ce mai faci?" I do not get a list of aches and pains from most. Rather they talk of their day, or their families.

Age is of the MIND. And the MIND is all. Turn off the television, get off Facebook, stop complaining and seek self improvement. Perhaps more martial arts training.

Or perhaps learn a language, learn an musical instrument? Something other then bitching about life, yet not being willing to something about it. 

Stop living in FEAR and start living! The saddest part of death is that most people never really live.

I am ALIVE. Sunt in viata. A fi viu.

Thank you for taking time to read Aging is a Lie. 


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