Bushido a Moral Education. Why do martial arts need change?

* Bushido a Moral Education

Bushido a Moral Education. Welcome to the 21st Century. Well in truth it has been here a little over 2 decades. And in my view is a complete failure. The Western Culture is in its death rattle today.

But due to what? Lack of values. Lying and greed are considered values by the lying ruling class and those who sold their souls to help them. May God have mercy on their pathetic excuse for souls. 

Most of all today politicians lie, doctors [science] lie, media lies, religion lies, and the alleged education systems lies. Is there even a real culture left? And people are more interested in Facebook friends than real people! You see this everyday. And my life path, the martial arts world, is full of liars too! I could name names, but I will not. 

Bushido a Moral Education

Or at least it used to be. Today the martial arts world is predominately about sport. And the word predominately is what matters. Look at professional sports today. Can you say these athletes are fine upstanding citizens and role models? Most importantly today there is a BULLYING epidemic.

And it is considered to be VIRTUE as long as the bullying follows the narrative. 

I recalled back in the early 2000's making a post on Facebook, when I still used it for personal reasons, stating the quote that "tolerance and apathy are the final values of a dying culture." And I was called names by people and told it would never happen. And who originated that quote? Aristotle did as he watch his culture die from the same disease of the mind. Therefore the proof is in we do not learn from history. Most of all the masses do not even know history. Unless it is their browser history. How are you on the History of the Martial Arts?

Bushido a Moral Education

I personally believe that the martial arts needs a new paradigm, and that training is a path back for the world. We used to get our moral values, our moral compass from religion. But that has been corrupted now for centuries. 

Importantly, Bushido, Budo the martial path is about living a life of values. And i my view it is our responsibility to share these values through our teaching. Not to spread violence for the sale of a trophy.  

Bushido a Moral Education

Therefore my school Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute was FOUNDED and these values, and survives today because they are still taught. My school once competed also, until I saw the clear direction of where sport was headed. 

Therefore if each martial artists dedicated themselves to a moral life, one without lies, greed and the other deadly sins the world will change for the better, and change quickly. And I am using the World Budo Alliance as a vehicle to unite the martial arts community and bring like minded people together. 

Bushido a Moral Education - A Man of Peace

Most of all I am a man of peace. But I was not always this way. It is my life long study of Budo that has made me this way. And I live by the principles of "having compassion for all living beings, and if you cannot then to DO NO HARM." And today compassion is hard. This is a basic Buddhist teaching. Very important is the fact this is supposed to be the martial way. To "ONLY FIGHT to protect my life and the lives of others." I do not recall an exception for any form of fighting. 

Yesterday I listened to an audiobook that was written by Morihei Ueshiba the fonder of Aikido. It is called the "Art of Peace." I embed it below if you wish to listen.

He was not always a good man. And in fact his younger days are very turbulent. However his path turned him into not just a good man, but a great man. The same applies to James Mitose. Bushido a Moral Education and must remain that way.

Everyone gets a return if they follow the path.

Bushido a Moral Education in Conclusion

Bushido a Moral Education in Conclusion

Bushido a Moral Education: I hope you will join me and many other martial artists here to help get the world back on track through the teachings of Budo and the values of love, compassion, non violence and truthfulness. 

The martial arts were once revered and deeply respected. We can return them to that status once again. 

I hope you enjoyed reading Bushido a Moral Education.

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